Ballentine is an approximately 7-month-old female. She is shy but loves to be pet. She needs a quiet home and would do best as a companion cat.

Johnny Walker and Scallywag are a bonded, male, 7-month-old pair. Johnny Walker (grey) is more outgoing than Scallywag. They are both skittish and would require some time and patience. Neither is fond of being picked up at present.

Stringbean (black and white) and Aloe (Tabby with white) are approximately 8-months-old. They can go together or be adopted with a companion cat. Both are skittish but improving. Neither is fond of being picked up but will tolerate. They are both food motivated. They would require some time and patience to overcome their shyness.

Stripey (Domestic Longhaired Tabby) and Shadow (Domestic Short Haired, Black) are a bonded, 7-month-old, male pair.
Stripey loves to be held and pet. He is playful and loves people. He is a very nice boy.
Shadow is shy. He can be held. He is very independent. He can be pet.

Yukon and Bumble are an approximately 5-month-old, bonded, male pair. They are sweet. They love to play and they are good with other cats.

Willow, this beautiful independent 6-month-old Calico girl has loads of personality! She is used to being with cats and dogs (and usually takes charge even though she’s the smallest of them all!) Fully vaccinated, microchipped, spayed and ready for her new family.

Harriet and Hermione are 6-month old females. They are a bonded pair. They are playful and well socialized. One is more outgoing than the other. They would do best as only pets.

These kittens will not come to the shelter until they are 3 months old.
Possum and her kittens will arrive in May 2020.