Volunteers are always needed.  We recommend that you visit our facility first and complete an application form at this time.

VOLUNTEER INQUIRIES CAN BE SENT TO: volunteers.aaf@gmail.com

Administrative Assistance:  data entry and filing.

Cleaning:  Daily from 10 to 12 pm.  We require help 7 days a week.  We clean all the cages, replace all the litter, replace and wash all the bedding, wash dishes, sweep and mop all the floors. We try our best to have a balance of cleaning and socializing with the cats.

We also have afternoon shifts from approximately 3 to 5 pm.  We require help filling water bowls and feeding the cats. We need assistance putting the cats in their cages for the night. We also need help with sweeping and mopping floors, taking out the garbage, washing windows or washing dishes/toys.  We also may ask you to assist us with grooming and clipping of nails.

Cat Taxi Drivers:  We require volunteers to transport our pets from foster homes, the shelter or veterinary hospital for medical appointments.  We also require volunteers to pick up and deliver food to the shelter.

Event Support:  Volunteers to help with set up and tear down of garage sales.

Social Enrichment Program Support:  Volunteers can come between 1 and 3 pm only to sit with our adult cats.  We have many cats that are nervous and shy who require extra attention and petting.  This program is only open to adult cats.  For hygiene reasons, our kittens are only able to be viewed by designated volunteers and serious pet adopters.

Special events support: Assisting with clothing sales, dinners and birthday parties.  Usually only required 1 to 3 hours on specific days.

Store volunteers:  We need help to price and sort items, dusting shelves, sweeping and mopping the floor.  Greeting visitors to the shelter and directing them to shelter staff.

WE GLADLY ACCEPT high school students that are COMPLETING THEIR COMMUNITY HOURS but in general, we require volunteers to be 16 years old.   If you call the shelter co-ordinator we MAY accept younger volunteers under certain circumstances (i.e. with adult accompaniment).

We also accept CO-OP students through various school boards. A Meet and Greet with student and Co-op Teacher is required. Paperwork is also required to be filled out.


We foster pets that come into our care for many reasons.

Primarily, we require pregnant mom and kitten fosters.  Our kittens stay in homes until they are 12 weeks of age and then they come to the shelter.  We provide guidance and some training for this type of fostering.

Secondly, we require fosters for dogs that come into our care before they are listed for adoption.  Our dogs are fostered in individual homes, not within the shelter.  This gives us a better idea of how well-trained and behaved the dog will be in a home environment.  Some behavior training and experience with dogs is highly recommended.

Thirdly, we require fosters for senior cats or cats with medical issues.  For these cats, we require a quiet home environment.  We look after the medical costs for these pets.  Fosters are required to make a one-time cash donation that they can afford and pay some food costs.  Home visits may be required by staff and medical appointments for the cat must be arranged through the shelter.

Please come to the shelter to fill out a FOSTER APPLICATION.

Right now, we are looking for foster homes. Please contact us if you would like to know more about fostering.