NO CLOSURE NOTICES AT THIS TIME. We are open today, but due to drifting blowing snow, smaller or lower cars may not be able to navigate our driveway. Please use caution or visit us tomorrow instead.

Who we are

We are a registered charity, operated by a group of volunteers, with the sole purpose of caring for lost, mistreated and abandoned animals.  The organization is operated by a Board of Directors.



We Care

We feature a NO KILL policy.  All the animals in our care are boarded/fostered until a secure, loving home is found.  We do not just give our animals away to anyone willing to take them.  All of our prospective pet owners are screened very carefully.  Adoption papers must be signed and a donation for adoption is required (see Adoption Donations).

All of our animals receive a medical wellness check-up, inoculations, microchip, deworming and are spayed or neutered and kept warm, feed and sheltered.  We feel that the best treatment they can receive is love and care.

What happens to your contributions?

All contributions go directly to the care of the animals and any related costs.  We must pay rent/boarding fees, veterinary fees and of course, food and litter.  Your contributions are necessary to take care of the many animals that are abandoned and alone.  These animals require not only medical treatment but your love and care.

Adoption Policies

We do not complete online applications for our animals.

Adopting a pet into a family is a commitment for the lifetime of the animal. It is so important to make sure that the match is right between people and pet. Both we and potential adopters take the time and care that is so vital to making the adoption decision. For example, we never allow pets to be adopted as gifts for other people because we believe people should meet a pet first before starting start such an important, long-term match. When it’s time to consider adopting, let’s talk about finding the right pet for you.



Adoption Donations

In order to help cover a portion of the veterinary costs for the animals in our care, the following adoption amounts are required in the form of a donation:

KITTENS and CATS up to 5 years old $195.

CATS over 5 years old up to 10 years old $130.

CATS over 10 years old or with Special Needs $100.

DOGS up to and including 5 years old $370.

DOGS 6 years and older $270.

We now accept cash, cheque, e-transfer and credit card.


Our Adoption Process:

We meet you in person and you visit with your prospective pet.  Once you have made the decision to potentially adopt an animal, you complete a FOSTER-TO-ADOPT FORM. The FTA form can require a 24 hour waiting period while your application is being reviewed by staff.  Once approved, you take the pet home for a one to two-week trial.  At the end of the trial period, you come back to the shelter and complete our adoption contract, the microchip transfer form and pay the fees.

Why Spay or Neuter?

If you have a dog or cat that produces litter after litter, please speak to your veterinarian about spaying or neutering.  Millions of dogs and cats are put to death every year because no one wants them.
Included here is a link to Hamilton/Burlington SPCA that offers a Community Assistance Program for anyone who needs financial support to have this procedure performed on their pet.

Financial Assistance

We receive no financial assistance from any government body.  We operate solely on private donations, membership dues and continual fundraising efforts.  All areas of Animal Adoptions of Flamborough rely on the participation of volunteers.

Lost a Pet or Found a Lost Pet?

We will take your name and a short description of your pet in case someone calls us with a stray animal. Stray animals do not come straight to the shelter. They must be vet checked and also examined for a microchip. If you have found a lost pet, any local vet will read the animal for free.

Please speak to your neighbours, post pictures near your home and on social media. To assist you, here is a link to HELPING LOST PETS.

Your local animal control is also available to help you.